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Metal-Free Dental Restorations - Gainesville, FL

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Are you embarrassed by a dark filling or crown when you smile? Maybe you need to have a cavity filled, but you’re worried about the long-term risks of mercury exposure? Don’t worry, there are alternatives to traditional fillings and crowns. Now, you can choose metal-free restorations in Gainesville. You’ll enjoy a biocompatible solution that looks natural. Dr. Nossa will help you invest in your dental health and your self-esteem using tooth-colored treatments.

What are Metal-Free Dental Restorations?

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Metal has held a commonplace in restorative dentistry for decades because it’s an affordable and convenient solution to repair damaged or compromised teeth. Although metal is effective, it has a dark appearance, which makes dental restorations very noticeable when you smile or speak. Not to mention, they aren’t biocompatible because they are made of a variety of metals, like mercury. As a result, it can be concerning about their effects on your health long-term.

Metal-free solutions resolve the common concerns many people have about dental restorations. Instead of being made of metal, they are comprised of more biocompatible materials, like a composite resin or ceramic. Not only does this make them safer, but they can also be customized to match your enamel to blend in when you smile. No one will be able to tell they are there, so you can speak, smile, and even laugh without any worry when needing:

Benefits of Metal-Free Dental Restorations

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Tooth-colored restorations may not be made of metal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as durable. In fact, they can last for a decade or longer. Besides repairing the health, function, and appearance of a tooth using a long-term solution, metal-free restorations also offer a variety of other benefits as well, including:

What Can I Expect During the Process?

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The process of receiving a metal-free restoration differs a bit than the traditional methods. Dr. Nossa will take the time to explain the process during your initial consultation. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect:

Tooth-Colored Fillings

After any areas of decay are removed and your tooth is cleaned, a weak acid is applied to it to open the pores in your enamel and dentin. Dr. Nossa will rinse your tooth before placing the perfectly shaded resin on your tooth. He’ll sculpt it into the ideal shape before using a special dental light to quickly harden it.

Tooth-Colored Crowns

First, your tooth is prepared by removing any areas of damage and reshaping it to allow the custom-made crown to be placed over it. Dr. Nossa ensures the cap meets your exact specifications using a digital impression of your mouth. It can take the dental lab a couple of weeks to craft your new crown, so you may need a temporary one in the meantime. After your permanent crown is sent back to our office, you’ll return to have it bonded in place.

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Enjoy metal-free alternatives to many common dental restorations. Contact your cosmetic dentist in Gainesville today to improve your smile.

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